Our Experienced Management Team

Sunrise Roofing LtdWelcome to Sunrise Roofing, your choice for quick, quality and convenient residential and commercial roofing services in the greater Toronto area!

Since 1987, we’ve worked to meet the needs of our clients with a three-fold approach: listening to their expectations, educating them on the best industry practices, and offering the right solution at the right price.

We’re a family business that provides the benefits of both experience and professionalism for our customers, working with a focus on ensuring they get the best results for their investment and on establishing long-lasting relationships based on trust between them and our contractors.

Paulino Silveira

Immigrated to Canada in 1980 at the age of 20 and got into roofing soon there after. Worked with some of the premiere roofing companies of the time including Peerless enterprises which is not Flynn Canada. He spent 7 years working exclusively in flashing in roofing curbs and penetrations, which are critical to the roofing system.

By the mid 80’s he started taking projects on himself. The quality of his workmanship earned him a good reputation that he strives to maintain to this day.

Brian Silveira

Son of Paulino Silveira, Brian has been working alongside his father for much of his life, spending summer vacations learning roofing practices. He attended McMaster University where he graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Science with a specialization in hydrology.

After a brief stint in environmental remediation he decided to go back to the family business alongside childhood friend Mike Krzyszton. Since 2010 they have worked hard to grow the small family business.

Mike Krzyszton

A family friend, Mike and Brian were childhood friends and spent summer vacations working for the family business. He went to Humber college where he studied business administration and marketing. After college he did an appreticeship in heavy machinery operating. After spending some time in the field he decided to return to Sunrise Roofing.

Since joining forces again in 2010 Mike Brian and Paul have made huge strides in growing the family business to what it is now. Mike is always looking to what’s next and how to bring the craftsmanship and service Sunrise Roofing provides to more people.